The Gurung people, in this film also tamu, are an ethnic group that migrated from Mongolia in the 6th century to the central region of Nepal, is indigenous people of Nepal. Their ancestors practiced Bön (shamanism), later converting to Tibetan Buddhism 
Gurung have their own own mother tongue called Tamu Kai, which is similar to the Tibetan dialect. Gurung(Tamu) has their own uniq tradation.




ngala ngolo ( kuhiro bhitra )

This "khora bai maya" gurung film the 1st gurung in gurung history the whole movie was shot in sikles village. shyam gurung(bed bdr grg) the dancers.who played leading actor in grg movie like.kramu, Ngai nasa, Aakrodo, cho.more.....but in dis movie he was a just supporting actor..


ngai nasa

This Gurung Film – Ngai Nagho (Mero Bhagya)is onderfull film, and Casting: Gaman Gurung, Bashanti Gurung, Sanam Gurung, Sabina Gurung, Netra Gurung, Tina Gurung etc.
Story – Maotse Gurung, Director – Bhoj Bahadur Gurung.
This is one of the best Nepali music so far in this film Ngai nasa.This video is from the Gurung Film Ngai Nasa.
The landscape and people in this video is one of the reason why Nepal is so rich in tradition and culture.



               A gurung film by Aakrodo ( narunu).The shooting of a Gurung Film AAKRODO has finished. The film has broken down the records in the Gurung Film Industires which has successfully finished within 15 days. Mr. Bhoj Bahadur Gurung(Director of Aakrodo) told the story of the film tries to show whatever we got the problems in our life be patient until the problems solved.
            The film is made based on the pure Gurung language, cultures. The shooting was started from 8 May 2009 to 22 June 2009. All the shooting of the film was taken at a Tourism Village SIURUNG, Lamjung & neighbouring villages of Siurung. The shooting was taken at the Khilapu Hill which is about 2900 metres above from the sea level. Most of the villages of Lamjung, Kaski, Manang, Gorkha, Tanahun, Shyangja.
           AAKRODO is the 4th presentation of Munal Film Pvt. Ltd. "No works can be completed by weaping & problems can be solved by struggling in the life" This is the main message of the film.
              There are five songs in the film. The lyrics by Dhakendra Gurung & Priya Gurung, vocal by Narjang Gurung, Mandhu Gurung, Music arranged by Amar Pokhareli Gurung. The film is directed by Bhoj Gurung & producer is Lil Gurung. The artists are Lil Gurung, Basanti Gurung, Lok Gurung, Khusi Gurung, Moti Gurung, Kubina Gurung, Indrashova Gurung, Prem Gurung, Chunda Jung Gurung etc in the film.



Pokhara is the film city of Nepal.  Most of the films are now shooting in Pokhara.  Many Gurung film are produced from Pokhara and shoots around Pokhara Valley. Now a days many gurung film are produce and do shooting in Pokhara.In that context one film named “ChamiKarma (fate of a girl) has been shoot at Nalma V.D.C. of Lamjung.Story of this film is based on fate of a gurung community girl.  Its story is quite different of general gurung films. Language spoken in this film is half gurung language and half Nepali language.  Producer of this film are Roshan Tamu, Prem Tamu and Dhan Bahadur Tamu. Sujan Lama had directed this film and story was written by Roshan Tamu.In this fiml songs are hit amount gurung community nowadays and its music was composed by famous gurung composer Dhan Bahadur Gurung.
It has been premier from Besi Sahar, Lamjung. There is lot of man eager to watch this film again in Lamjung after success premier show.  Now, producers are arranging to show in Pokhara, Kathmandu, Hongkong, Korea and England.


Herbye cha

Gurung Film 'Herbye Cha' (Son Of Himalaya), A Film By Gore Gurung. I love this film more then any other, No matter how many time & I listen to this songs at Herbye cha film and watch this video, its always refreshes me. The beautiful looking Himalaya and the beautiful scenery make me feeled proud myself because the god give us such a beautiful looking gift. i think like this lovely song all people. Thanks all the film producers and actors and actresses for preserving our culture, heritage and tradition. Which has been hidden for many years. I always enjoyed to listen nepali folk songs and the video.